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Out of the Woodwork They Come

  /   Saturday, July 10, 2004   /   Comments(0)

The list of bishops standing with courage for the faith is growing. We are seeing more bishops joining the ranks of those who state that pro-aborts need not present themselves for Communion. Even one bishop (Bishop Pilla) who has stated his refusal to deny Communion to pro-aborts at least says that such people should be aware of the seriousness of the situation.

Granted, you may not believe that this goes far enough. I don’t. For those who support abortion, the Eucharist is not a source of grace but a ticket to Hell. I have no doubt in my mind that public pro-aborts should not only voluntarily refrain from receiving, but they should be denied if they present themselves.

With that being said, I am still grateful for what is going on so far. Little by little, the bishops of our country are realizing their duty to preach the Gospel and to rule over their dioceses. This is still a major change from the past three decades. We must support these bishops for the stand they are taking and encourage them and pray for them to take a stronger stand. If we don’t, the pro-aborts will back them into a corner, and who knows if they’ll have the strength to fight?

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The Possible Heresy Trial

  /   Friday, July 09, 2004   /   Comments(0)

I hadn’t weighed in yet on Marc Balestrieri’s canonical suit against John Kerry. In case you haven’t seen it, he’s trying to file a canonical suit accusing our phoney Catholic presidential candidate of heresy. The Archdiocese of Boston has yet to take the case.

I see that Pete Vere has weighed in on the career risk he is taking. I also see Steve Kellmeyer’s assertion that Boston will either find him guilty, or this will end up in Rome. I would hope that the suit would prevail.

However, I’m not so optimistic. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if neither Boston nor Rome would hear the case. If they were going to take action, they would have done it decades ago. I really think that Boston will do anything in their power to sweep this under a rug. There is no telling what Rome will do. I hope I’m wrong as it will show a true moral bankruptcy in our hierarchy if the case isn’t taken seriously. It does put our leaders in a scary position, but, then again, they had already done this to themselves long ago by tolerating pro-aborts like Kerry.

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Happy Bloggiversary To Me

  /   Tuesday, July 06, 2004   /   Comments(0)

It has been two years since I went on the air with this post on Blogger. Actually, the original post is here. I’m still going. I hope someone is still reading.

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Ditch IE??

  /   Monday, July 05, 2004   /   Comments(0)

Several bloggers have posted about security holes in Internet Explorer and whether it should be ditched in favor of Mozilla, Firefox, or Opera. Even one service owned by Microsoft is recommending FireFox. I have tried FireFox, and it is a pretty good browser.

However, I have mixed feelings about dumping IE. I use NetCaptor for most of my daily stuff. It uses MSIE’s browser engine and puts it in a tabbed interface. I like it because when I close it, I can resume surfing where I left off. It blocks popups, but sometimes it blocks popups that I want to see. In this case, I have to either disable popup blocking or switch to standard IE. I also find that my pages look best in Internet Explorer. Then again, Microsoft never seemed to quite get the browser to be completely standards-compliant.

While I like FireFox, and can’t get it to save my current location for next time. Opera can, but it seems to be a bit on the buggy side. It’s the last thing I’d use to view a PDF. NetCaptor includes its own security features to stop some of the problems with IE; however, it crashes after viewing multiple PDF files. Given that I create a lot of those for Frassati Society, it’s far from ideal.

So, I’m not sure which I will use long-term as my primary browser. If Microsoft would just give up on Active X, then it would solve most of the security issues. Some of the security holes appear to be preventable by avoiding things that one shouldn’t do anyway. As one who designs web pages, I pretty much need all the major browsers in order to test my pages. Does anyone else have an information?

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What’s with the Tone?

  /   Monday, July 05, 2004   /   Comments(0)

Mark Shea invited comments on the tone of this blog. If he is alone in his concern about his tone, then he shouldn’t be. I know that I have looked over a lot of my posts to find a disproportionate number of slams.

I got the idea to create my own blog from reading his. I know full well that I am not the writer that he is, but I wasn’t about to let that stop me. Sometimes I really enjoy his blog. At other times, I think an extra ounce or two of charity wouldn’t hurt. However, I can’t help but notice a change in tone whenever he addresses an apparently sincere question. He really tries to give them a charitable answer. This alone makes it hard to suggest that he has become arrogant.

With this being said, I am in little position to criticize. Even if my blog doesn’t reflect it, I am becoming far more cynical about things in the Church. Some of it may be due to recent happenings in my own Diocese of Memphis. I have so far refrained from blogging most of them for various reasons. I have written a letter recently to my bishop, and I’m not about to scribble something on my blog without giving him a chance to respond. I am so tired of watching our bishops sidestep their clear duty. It seems that everything that I can find to blog is bad news.

Maybe it’s time that I and others look at how well we do our duties in our own jobs. I could stand to live the Gospel better in my own job. Then again, it’s not like I desire their damnation. I don’t. Also, harsh comments have been a part of Christianity since the beginning. Heretics were called “children of the Devil” for a reason, and the title is quite appropriate. Public criticism of falsehood is fair game as far as I’m concerned. I want our bishops repent and start preaching the Gospel. Little by little, we are starting to see it.

One commentor on another blog said that we cannot possibly be having a springtime because we must have a winter first. He asserted that it is not even September yet. I strongly disagree. I think it’s at least February. The springtime will come, not because of those people who insist that it’s here. Rather, it will come by those people who are just now coming out of the woodwork to bring it here.

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Happy Fourth of July

  /   Sunday, July 04, 2004   /   Comments(0)

I want to wish all of my readers a Happy Fourth of July. Our picnic will be very small today, but that’s okay. It gives me one more chance to visit my family. A few others will be around for a while, but I will only see them for a few hours.

There was a missionary priest celebrating Mass this morning from the Consolata missionaries, and he was excellent. You could tell that the faith of the African people has touched him. It won’t be long before Africa is sending missionaries here. In fact, it is already happening in Memphis. We have one coming to my parish in August.

Today is also the feast day of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati.

Well, I’m probably the only one in St. Blog’s who is still blogging, so I guess I need to stop for now. I will be back shortly. Remember that Tuesday is my blogiversary. I will have been around for two years.

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One More on the Blogroll

  /   Sunday, July 04, 2004   /   Comments(0)

I should have added Confessions of a Recovering Choir Director eons ago, but I’ve just now gotten to it.

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New to My Blogroll

  /   Saturday, July 03, 2004   /   Comments(0)

Now that I have this nice new blog with a Dreamweaver Template, it is a bit easier to add links to other blogs. So, I’m doing so. I think they’ve all been there a while. I’m slow to add blogs. For one thing, I want to see if their content is reasonably charitable and completely orthodox. Here are the new additions:

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
Confessions of a Hot Carmel Sundae

There are a few others that I added and didn’t mention. You can find them on the right-hand side of any page. I’m just now trying to take stock of what I read, so it’s quite possible that, if you received a few comments from me, you will be linked here.

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I Think It’s For Real

  /   Saturday, July 03, 2004   /   Comments(0)

Jimmy Akin has just blogged the letter from Cardinal Ratzinger. Given how careful he is, it’s very likely that the copy I saw is indeed authentic. I can’t wait to hear the bishops respond to this one. Then again, they probably won’t respond at all.

I am worried about the last paragraph stating that one could vote for a pro-abort for reasons that are “proportionate” as long as the reason for voting for the candidate is not that he is a pro-abort. I hope that Cardinal Ratzinger will clarify this because I guarantee you that some idiot is going to use that as a loophole.

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Home Again

  /   Saturday, July 03, 2004   /   Comments(0)

I have just arrived at my parents’ house for the 4th of July. It’s good to be home again. My parents just had a new refrigerator delivered about 30 minutes prior to my arrival. The trip wasn’t too bad, but I saw that the Arkansas State Highway Patrol was conducting a fundraiser right along Interstate-55 near West Memphis. It gave me good reason to slow down before I was tapped to contribute.

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