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How to Tell That Your Book May Have Some Doctrinal Issues

  /   Tuesday July 09, 2002  

Any time I’m looking for a resource on Catholic teachings, I try to check it out for doctrinal orthodoxy. I have one recommended step . . . . check out what it says on sexual morality. I do this not to satisfy some strange pelviphilia (if such a word exists), but rather because I know that the vast majority of people who are going to dissent from Church teaching are going to do so on this issue.

Here’s one for you . . . . I was looking through one book (Gary Wills’ Why I Am Catholic; and no, I didn’t buy it), and I’m afraid that I just don’t get the logic. It goes something like this “Since only about 3% of Catholic women use natural family planning, the Magisterium is only legislating for about 3% of the population.” Hey! There we have it!! The law doesn’t apply to law breakers!!

I’ve got an idea. Let’s go for a drive in Memphis. Like all other American municipalities, we have these little white road signs all along the road that say “Speed Limit.” Since it’s probably an extreme exaggeration to say that 3% of Memphians actually drive accordingly, we’ll just stomp the accelerator pedal and then kindly inform the Tennessee Highway Patrol officer who pulls us over on Interstate 40 that those signs don’t legislate for us.

Will we try this in front of the judgement seat of God? I hope not.

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