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Videocast: Vlog – In Town By Myself

  /   Sunday, July 09, 2017   /   Comments(0)

I am not a regular vlogger, nor could I be. My life isn’t that exciting anyway.  If you don’t believe that, then watch this video of what I did while my wife and kids were out of town, and I stayed behind to go to work for a few days before joining them.

Yeah, I know it’s kind of silly, but it was fun to make.  If I get a chance, I want to make more.  They won’t necessarily be vlogs, though.  I thought I was going to get more stuff up but haven’t been able to do it, but I have an idea that may help me get more media up.

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Videocast: Why I Returned the Panasonic GX850

  /   Friday, March 17, 2017   /   Comments(0)

I have posted a new videocast

Since I did a review of the GX850 and gave it a pretty good review, I believed it was only right that I gave an update since I returned it.  I wanted people to know what happened so that anyone considering this camera can make a decision as to whether it will suit them or not.

The bottom line is that the first one I bought had the touchscreen quit responding.  I exchanged it and got another one, and then I noticed the lens motor sounds in my video.  They made the camera unusable for my purposes, but there may be some people who can use this despite this issue with the kit lens.  A Panasonic engineer said that the noise was part of the normal operation of the camera, so others are likely to experience this.

Another user posted a video with the same issue.  Here is the link to that video.

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Videocast: Stone Mountain Hike

  /   Tuesday, February 28, 2017   /   Comments(0)

Just before Lent, I wanted to get this posted . . .

Last fall, my family and I took a trip to Stone Mountain near Atlanta, Georgia.  I managed to take a few minutes away to hike up the mountain, and it’s a beautiful and fun hike.  Here I share some footage as well as my comments about the hike.

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Videocast: Panasonic GX850 Review

  /   Thursday, February 09, 2017   /   Comments(0)

I’ve been looking for a compact camera to carry around with me, and at just the right time, Panasonic releases the GX850.  I really like Panasonic’s cameras, and this is the second one for me.  In fact, I decided I’d do a video review on my YouTube channel.  I’ve included both sample video and photos from this camera so you can see how well it does.  I think it does pretty well.  It seems like it will be a great camera for vlogging, selfies, and travel.  Oh, and it can even shoot 4K video in clips of up to 5 minutes long.


UPDATE:  I had to exchange the first camera I bought because the touch screen stopped responding.  Then, with the second one, I noticed the lens motor in the video, which made it unusable for my purposes.  I returned the camera and will be getting something else, and you can see the video I posted about it here.

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New Videocast: Shrine of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

  /   Sunday, September 13, 2015   /   Comments(0)

I have uploaded and published a new videocast:

I first learned about the Shrine of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal about 15 years ago when I was traveling up I-55 to St. Louis.  It’s in Perryville, which is about an hour south of the city.  The shrine is only about a mile and half off the interstate and is really easy to find.  It’s pretty simple but beautiful and well worth seeing.  The Shrine is run by the Vincentians.  They were the first religious order of priests that I encountered when I became Catholic.  They are primarily rural missionaries, and I came from the rural area of southeast Missouri.

The Miraculous Medal was revealed to St. Catherine Laboure in 1830.  St. Catherine Laboure was a member of the Daughters of Charity, the women’s congregation of the Vincentians.  Our Lady ordered her to have the medal made, and she said that graces would about for anyone who wore it with confidence.  She went to her confessor, who eventually brought this to the archbishop (after two years), and had the medals made.  St. Catherine Laboure, however, continued to live in the usual way of a Daughter of Charity for 46 more years.  A few months before her death in 1876, Our Lady gave her permission to reveal to her superior that she was the one who received this revelation, and so she did.

Really, though, I want to emphasize that it’s important to keep God at the forefront of anything we do, including our travel.  Knowing where places of pilgrimage exist help us to do this.  We can take a break from our travel to spend time before the Blessed Sacrament at a place like this and focus ourselves on Christ.  If you are traveling this way, I’d highly recommend taking a look at this place.

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New Videocast: The Need to Go On Retreat and the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament

  /   Sunday, July 05, 2015   /   Comments(0)

For our life in Christ, it’s important that we take an annual retreat, and really, we need to take a family retreat (either in addition to or as your retreat).  However, my wife and I have small children.  If one of us goes on retreat, the other is left to take care of them for a whole weekend.  Taking the kids on a retreat with a lot of talks isn’t a readily available option for us.  However, we can take a pilgrimage, bring the kids briefly to Adoration, and then each take turns in silence before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.  In this video, I talk about the place we go, the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery in Hanceville, AL.  I have some outside footage of it as well.  I couldn’t video inside because they prohibit it in order to maintain a place of silence.

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My First YouTube Video: A Tour of My Podcast Studio

  /   Thursday, May 21, 2015   /   Comments(0)

I got a brand new DSLR for Christmas last year.  While it takes awesome pictures, I’m really interested in doing some video.  So, I’m happy to introduce my first videocast!  I’ve been wanting to do this one for a long time.

Just for fun, I wanted to show off my podcast studio and mobile setups.  I always like behind-the-scenes kind of stuff, so I wanted to do my own. All of the audio that you hear in this video was recorded using whatever device I was displaying.  The camera audio was turned off.  Hopefully, I can make some more of these before too long.


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