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Getting Licensed

  /   Thursday, February 17, 2011   /   Comments(0)

My employer has asked me to get licensed to practice pharmacy in Kentucky.  The reason has to do with the way we do business and the way pharmacy is regulated in some states.  I’ll spare you the excruciating details.

Pharmacists have two different tests that they must pass to become licensed.  There is an exam called the NAPLEX, which is the test of general drug knowledge.  As far as I know, it’s used by every state in the United States.  Pharmacists also have to take an exam on pharmacy law.  Most, though not all, states use an exam called the Multistate Jurisprudence Exam (MPJE).

The NAPLEX isn’t much of an issue.  Normally, one can get by with taking it just one time.  After that, one can just use a license by exam as the basis for getting a license in an additional state.  However, the MPJE is another story.  Since laws vary by state, one normally has to take it again for every state in which one desires a license.

I have taken and passed the MPJE for three different states, and today I just took the one for Kentucky (still awaiting the results).  How I have passed it in the past is usually a mystery to me because I could swear that I failed it when I walked out of it.  It’s just a weird test, and sometimes I have a sneakin’ suspicion that they grade it by rolling dice at the NABP office.  We’ll see how this one goes.

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Preventative Care???

  /   Sunday, October 31, 2010   /   Comments(0)

Somehow, I don’t think this one will surprise many people who read my blog, but I received this article entitled Health Overhaul May Bring Free Birth Control from Prolifepharmacy.com on my Facebook.  It came from NPR, but I was hoping that it was actually from The Onion.  Like I said, I’m not surprised that this is on someone’s agenda.  The most telling quote was from Dr. David Grimes at UNC:

Contraception rivals immunization in dollars saved for every dollar invested. Spacing out children allows for optimal pregnancies and optimal child rearing. Contraception is a prototype of preventive medicine.

This guy is an Ob/Gyn.  Does he think pregnancy is an illness?  We might, as a society, save money, but for what purpose.  Fortunately, the USCCB has weighed in on this.  Hopefully, our upcoming election will boot the promoters of this nonsense out of office.

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