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The End of a Pontificate

  /   Friday, March 01, 2013   /   Comments(0)

Yesterday, at 1 PM Central Standard Time (8 PM in Rome), the Holy See became vacant.  I have been a fan of Pope Benedict XVI ever since I started to really learn the Catholic faith (while he was still Cardinal Ratzinger).  It was like a dream come true to find out in the middle of a work day that he had been elected as the new Holy Father.

I must admit that my gut feelings were giving me a hard time viewing his resignation as an act of humility or even for the good of the Church.  However, I will not think otherwise of our now Pope Emeritus.  He has given himself in service to the Church for many years and has done great work in defending the Catholic faith from people who would distort it.  I’m sure he prayed much about the decision and knew what he was doing.  The Holy Spirit will protect the Church.  While Pope John Paul II would tell us that “Christ never got off the cross,” Pope Benedict XVI took a different path in believing that it will be best to have someone in better health who was better able to do the job that he was.

Good bye, Your Holiness, and thank you for all that you have done.

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