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Quiet Quitting?

  /   Wednesday, August 31, 2022   /   Comments(0)

I’m seeing a lot in the news about “quiet quitting” one’s job. The strangest part is that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of agreement on what it means. Some people are doing reasonable things; others are really not.

As Christians, we realize our work is a sharing in God’s creation. Often, people depend on our work, and it’s important to do it well. We must work for love of God.

However, there are real limits to how much we should work. I’ve never understood why career and work were supposed to be the primary means of fulfillment for everyone. When that happens, work ends up becoming more than it should be. There are definite boundaries that need to be set both on how much we work and what we should take responsibility for. The balance is highly variable, and I wouldn’t claim to be able to give specific guidance.

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Voice Over Work

  /   Monday, August 22, 2022   /   Comments(0)

Lately, I’ve decided to do a some voice over work on Fiverr in my spare time (no plans to quit my day job, though), and I may expand to other platforms in the future.  I was honored to be able to voice this public service announcement for the 988 National Mental Health Hotline.  I really hope this new hotline makes it easier for anyone in need to get help, and I am praying for all who need it, especially those who will see or hear this.

Click this link to see the video.

If anyone is interested in having me do some voice over for them, click here to go to my profile.  I have set up a gig for general voice over and for outgoing phone messaging, and I also have a “gig” (Fiverr’s term for each offering) with special pricing for specifically Catholic projects (but if you are an organization of which I am a part, please just contact me).  Note that I will only work on projects that are in conformity with my Catholic faith.  I want to support good, honest businesses or causes that need a voice.  More details are on the gig pages.

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