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Podcast Episode #3: New Name

  /   Thursday, November 11, 2010   /   Comments(0)

The next episode of the podcast is available.  Download it here.

In this episode, I elaborate a bit on the new name of the blog and podcast and the theme of both.  Then, I talk about what I am reading.  Here are the books . . .

The Temperament God Gave You

The Temperament God Gave Your Spouse

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Eastern Rite

  /   Sunday, November 07, 2010   /   Comments(0)

Last week, I went to my first Eastern Rite Divine Liturgy.  Specifically, it was the Ukrainian Rite, and the principal celebrant was their bishop.  Most of the Mass, including the Scripture reading, was chanted.  I thought the deacon’s voice sounded familiar.  Then, I found out that the deacon and priest live in Raleigh.  We had heard them before at the morning prayer of the Ignited by Truth conference.

The Liturgy felt quite a bit different from what I am used to, but I found the basic parts were still there.  It begins with the signing of Psalm 51 (penitential).  The Scriptures are read.  The Creed and Sanctus are used.  There are also a lot of repeating prayers.  It was a beautiful liturgy that I hope to experience again. However, I really do need to find something to explain the various prayers and hymns.

Oh, and the Liturgy was in English.  Their translation is, in many places, very similar to the new translation coming to our Roman Rite.  It just seems funny to me that people complain about our upcoming translation when the Eastern Church already uses that same kind of language.

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