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  /   Sunday, August 12, 2007   /   Comments(0)

I had long let my membership lapse in Pharmacists for Life. I was thankful to see that an Illinois judge ruled that pharmacists are indeed health care professionals. One consequence of this ruling is that the conscience protection laws apply to pharmacists, which could very well mean the end of Blagojevich’s executive order requiring all pharmacists to dispense Plan B on demand.

Hopefully, any appeals will be decided the same way. I have to note that, as the articles states, mainstream organizations were notably absent from this suit. This is one reason why I won’t join any except our state and local organization.

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Yes, I Am Still Alive

  /   Sunday, August 05, 2007   /   Comments(0)

My blogging has definitely slowed down since I began, but I’m also busier than ever. This has to be the busiest summer I’ve ever had. Still, I feel like there has been a summer or two in the past few years that I’ve wasted, so I wanted to make sure I made the most of it. Here’s a rundown of what’s going on for those who are interested.

First, I’ve decided to seriously curtail the computers and electronics I’ve bought. In some cases, I’ve bought two or more of the same kind of thing that I don’t really need one of. I’m also not buying many more books because I have more books than I can stand, and I have no place for them. Buying things has become a kind of addiction for me, and now I’m taking control and saving money. After all, I’m 32 and still don’t own a house even though I could more than afford to do it.

Second, I’ve been doing major cleanup on my apartment. I’ve thrown a lot of clutter away, and I’m working on getting rid of more clutter. I need to simplify life and make moving easier to do since I don’t want to live in this place forever. My place is already much cleaner than it has been in a while, and I plan to maintain it.

Third, I’ve been trying to make sure I spend more time with friends. We’ve had a couple of burrito nights this summer. Another friend has graciously begun a breakfast group each month as well. I went to the Defending the Faith conference in Steubenville last summer and had a couple of friends from the area to spend time with. They were great people to spend time with, and it is great to spend time in Steubenville with the Lord and people who love him.

Fourth, I’ve decided to look around and see if I can find another city I’d like to live in. At this point, I’m not sure what will happen next. The young adult ministry in this area hardly exists anymore, and most of my friends are either married or just aren’t available like they used to be (though, if you see above, I’ve made some headway). I’m also finding that I don’t really like Memphis as well as I used to. I have obtained licenses to practice pharmacy in Missouri and Kansas, and I’m also considering Nashville as a place to live.

Finally, I’m adding to my efforts on Catholic Match and Ave Maria Singles. Lately, especially in the past year, I’ve met some really good people there and have had some live meetings. Nothing has gone beyond friendship yet, but I’m still hopeful. There has to be someone out there.

I had my vacation last week, which included a trip to Steubenville and to Nashville, where I saw The Hermitage. I wish I could repeat the whole vacation. If I’m still here in the fall, I hope to go see Rock City. Next year, I need to go somewhere I haven’t been before. If anyone has ideas, please drop them along.

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