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Profit from Your Faults

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Sometimes I need to post something because I myself need to hear it.  This one is a tough one for me.  I try to avoid sin in my life and certainly don’t relish those moments when I find myself in it.  However, God does allow evil.  He allows it so that he can bring about a greater good.  In this case, he can even use our sin to bring us closer to him.  This doesn’t mean that we should be careless about sin.  In fact, this will really only work for those who wish never to offend God but fall into sin anyway.

For a good primer on this, take a look at this article from Catholic Exchange. For a longer treatment, try reading Scepter Publisher’s How to Profit from Your Faults by Joseph Tissot.  The main thing to realize is that we should not be surprised or upset by our faults but should trust in God’s mercy and hurry back to God when we sin.  I’ll summarize here what can be gained from our faults:

  1. We can grow in love for God when we realize the great mercy and love he has for us despite our faults.
  2. We can grow in our determination not to offend God again by our contrition for our sins.
  3. We can grow in humility.  We realize what we are and will do without the grace of God.  We learn to distrust ourselves and depend on God.
  4. By growing in humility, we will be more understanding of the faults of others around us.

Definitely read the article I linked to above.  It’s one of the best, most concise treatments I’ve read and something that will be a great help to every struggling Christian.

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