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Surprised to be Alive

  /   Monday, October 29, 2007   /   Comments(0)

God kept me alive for some reason. Soon, maybe I’ll start to see what he has planned. Many of you who know me know what I am talking about.

I was driving on an interstate in the rain and fog when a car heading the opposite direction crossed the grass median. I had no way of stopping in time (though I tried), and I slammed into him. Behind me, an 18-wheeler tried to move to avoid the wreck, and he ran over my trunk with his back wheels or the back of his trailer. The authorities were right behind us immediately. My car is a total loss. I spent the night in the hospital, but I am still alive at least.

I can tell you that, if you are going to have a wreck, a Honda Accord is a good car to have a wreck in. It may not ever drive again, but it held up well enough to keep from crushing me. There were other factors. The 18-wheeler’s trailer was empty, or he wouldn’t have been able to turn so as not to crush me. If the authorities had not been right behind me, I probably would have been hit again. God kept me safe through this.

NOTE ADDED LATER: I forgot to mention that this was on Monday, October 22nd that this happened.

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Pope Calls for Conscientious Objection by Pharmacists

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I am grateful for Pope Benedict as it is. Now, I just saw that he called for conscientious objection by pharmacists. We should not collaborate in supplying products used for immoral intent, specifically abortion or euthanasia. It’s interesting that there isn’t a mention of contraception here. I have heard (and even read in an old moral theology text) that a pharmacist could sell contraception to those who request it to keep his job, but he could not counsel regarding its use.

I had always felt forgotten in all the talk on health care and morality. I didn’t even know that the International Federation of Catholic Pharmacists existed. Maybe this will be a start to getting some things out there about the rights and moral responsibilities of pharmacists.

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