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Academy of Sore Losers

  /   Tuesday, April 19, 2005   /   Comments(0)

Anyone who has been an orthodox Catholic for more than three days (baptized infants excepted) knows that there will be a lot of people upset by our new Pope Benedic XVI. It only shows that they Holy Spirit will work as he will regardless of who doesn’t like it.

However, since we still have to share this world with people who don’t like it, we might as well, amuse ourselves as Fr. Sibley has. Some of the posts are downright hilarious, like the guy who said that the Church would breathe a sigh of relief that Cardinal Ratzinger isn’t elected Pope.

The best came from Fr. Richard McBrien, no doubt before the results were in, regarding the homily of Cardinal Ratzinger prior to the conclave:

If Cardinal Ratzinger were really campaigning for pope, he would have given a far more conciliatory homily designed to appeal to the moderates as well as to the hard-liners among the cardinals. I think this homily shows he realizes he’s not going to be elected. He’s too much of a polarizing figure.

Long live Benedict XVI!!!!

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Habemus papam

  /   Tuesday, April 19, 2005   /   Comments(0)

I don’t know if I’ll be useful at work for the rest of the day given the election results. I am so excited to see that Cardinal Ratzinger was elected Pope Benedict XVI on this day. We need him.

I was fortunate to get to see the web video on MSNBC. Now, the only downside is that we are no doubt going to be watching days of media crybabies and other blathering idiots talk about how the Church is headed backwards. However, it is worth it! We can watch them and laugh. In fact, when we see a dissenting theologian, we can now think that maybe his/her career will be over soon.

Seriously, I hope that Pope Benedict XVI, despite his advanced age, will live many more years and implement the teachings and rules of his predecessor. He will do the Church much good. I am so happy that he is Pope.

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Stay Away from eBay

  /   Monday, April 18, 2005   /   Comments(0)

This has to be the biggest outrage I have seen in my life. In case that link is no longer available, here is an article (note that I disagree with the author saying that this isn’t eBay’s fault). Apparently, someone tried to auction what they claimed was a consecrated host on eBay.

The seller started off by saying that he isn’t Catholic and doesn’t believe that he’s going to Hell for attempting to see this “collectible.” I hope he finds out he’s wrong before he dies. However, I’m just as sickened by eBay’s response to complaints. This is the Body and Blood of Our Lord regardless of what “diverse views” may exist on it. eBay and the seller had better repent of this sacriliege, FAST!! I, for one, no longer wish to give them my business.

By the way, Dom Bettinelli was nice enough to provide contact info on his blog.

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It’s Coming

  /   Sunday, April 17, 2005   /   Comments(0)

For all of my Catholic life, I have associated the papacy with John Paul II. Although I was born during the reign of Paul VI, I wasn’t old enough to remember him when he died. It’s hard to believe that I could wake up tomorrow and find that we have a new pope. I think it’s unlikely, but it could happen.

The word in the media is that Cardinal Ratzinger will be very influential. If so, we are in good hands. I read not too long ago (I think it’s the article I linked to in the last post.) that Cardinal Ratzinger has his vision of the Church as boldly proclaiming the Gospel, even, if necessary, as a minority group in an increasingly secular world. It is what we badly need.

I hear a lot, and rightly so, that Cardinal Ratzinger would be a dividing force if he or someone like him were to become the next pope. However, in today’s world, we can no longer sit on the fence. We must be with the Church as she is and as she teaches or against her. The reform that is needed is a reform of our lives, not of the teaching of the Church.

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Assorted Things in the Conclave

  /   Saturday, April 16, 2005   /   Comments(0)

First, I’d like to say Happy Birthday to Cardinal Ratzinger, who turns 78 today. Despite his advanced age, I hope for him to have many more birthdays. We need more outstanding men like him leading the Church.

Second, here is the list from Catholic World News on men whom they think are likely candidates to succeed John Paul II. My preference list is this:

1. Either Cardinal Ratzinger or Arinze. They are both excellent candidates. I have a bit of partiality to Cardinal Arinze because I’ve heard him speak, but either would be equally good for the Church.

2. Cardinal Pell. This guy isn’t on anyone’s list that I’ve seen, but he’d be a great candidate. Remember that John Paul II was a “dark horse” candidate elected on the second day of the conclave.

3. Cardinal Schönborn; editor of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. I don’t know much more about him, but reliable sources think highly of him.

Then again, maybe they will surprise us with someone who would be just as good. My picks are only as reliable as my knowledge, and I am certain that there are others in the College of Cardinals whom I do not know of who would be an excellent pope.

Third, I’ve been reading media coverage with some disgusted amusement. To be fair, there have been a lot of people who rarely have anything good to say about the Church who have said some good things about the late Holy Father. However, one can see their agenda seep through.

For example, some have suggested that the next pope will be more liberal to balance out John Paul II. Supposedly there is a saying that says “after a fat pope, a thin pope.” However, even if the electors wish to balance out John Paul II, there are probably a number of ways in which it is more likely to be done. Pope John Paul II was a traveling preacher and teacher. He laid groundwork. However, he was not an administrator, nor was he a disciplinarian. Given the disregard of many Catholics (even priests and bishops) for what the Holy Father taught, an administrator and disciplinarian is just what the Church needs.

Another noted line came from the New York Times. I can no longer find the article, but it basically said that his kind, friendly appearance belied his doctrinal stances on moral issues. In other words, taking an unwavering doctrinal stance should necessarily make one crustier than a three-day-old pizza. It’s sad that their reporters and editorial staff will never know that true and lasting joy comes from the very things that John Paul II taught.

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Oh . . . . Busted!!

  /   Tuesday, April 05, 2005   /   Comments(0)

The New York Times just posted some evidence of their stance with this nice line that says “need some quote from supporter.” The line doesn’t even suggest finding someone well known or articulate, just “some quote from supporter.” Then again, we knew this anyway.

Let’s not also forget the line, quoted by Terry Mattingly, that pretty much changes the NYT editorial on the Pope into an idiotorial. Somehow the death of the Holy Father, per the New York Times analysis, shows that the euthanasia movement is right. Granted, the accounts of the Holy Father’s final moments on this earth do show a good and happy death. However, what does this make of the last few years of his life leading up to this moment? The Holy Father suffered but yet refused to give in. He never retired, saying that Christ never came down from the cross. He refused to take the easy way out. He gave all he had to his last breath. Contrast this with the euthanasia proponents who insist that “death with dignity” means just simply ending life when it gets too bad.

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And You Think We Have Wacky Lawsuits

  /   Tuesday, April 05, 2005   /   Comments(0)

I received a link to this article in my e-mail. It tells how watchmakers are having hard times because the youth are using their cell phones to find out what time it is. In fact, one French watch maker is suing a cell phone company for making a commercial displaying watches and a grandfather clock being thrown away. Talk about wacky lawsuits!

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Best Summary of the Schiavo Case

  /   Monday, April 04, 2005   /   Comments(0)

Sooner or later, I will try to stop blogging so much about this, but I think it’s important that some facts get out. Here is a summary of the issues in the Schiavo case by Mary Beth Bonacci. It’s amazing that it went through all the court battles and ended like it did.

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Eternal Rest Grant to Him O Lord

  /   Saturday, April 02, 2005   /   Comments(0)

Eternal rest, grant to Pope John Paul II, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace.

In case you didn’t see it, Pope John Paul II has been called back home. He died at 9:37 PM his time (1:37 PM in Memphis). After all the unbelievable recoveries he has made, I wondered if he might make one more. However, it appears that Our Lord was ready to bring him back home. Once, in the face of questions of resignation, he reminded us that Christ never got off the cross. The Holy Father has, thanks be to God, remained true to his word.

Honestly, I don’t know whether to pray for him or to him. It’s hard to believe he is gone. Although he is the third pope of my lifetime (Paul VI was pope when I was born; then John Paul I was there briefly), he is really the only Holy Father I have ever known. He was there when I became Catholic. He was there as I began to really study the faith later on. I can’t imagine the Church without him.

I remember my first few years as Catholic. I kind of bought into the line that he was a bitter old man who was opposed to progress. Only later as I began to study the teaching of the Church and read some of his writings did I find that this was not true. The man had a true love for each one of us under his care. His message was not of condemnation but of hope. I was saddened by those who wrote him off because of things like being against contraception without looking into it to see if he might actually be right. In time, I saw that he (and not really he, but Christ and his Church) really is right about that and much else. He was no ivory tower man. He knew well the state of this world. He strove to make a difference for Our Lord.

I think this from Catholic Exchange will describe well how many of us who love the Church are now thinking and feeling. Goodbye for now, Holy Father. I will never forget you. Please pray for me, and all of us here. May all of us saddended by your death share the joy that you are now safely home. May we all be able to join you there one day.

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Still No News Yet

  /   Friday, April 01, 2005   /   Comments(0)

I have been watching to see what is going on, and I haven’t seen any confirmed news on the Holy Father. Even Catholic World News, hardly an agency looking forward to his demise, seems to think that this is his final struggle. He’s turned around and surprised us many times before, but we all know he can’t live forever. We must continue to pray for him, whatever God’s plan may be for the moment, as he leads the Church in the same way that Christ did – by suffering.

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