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  /   Tuesday April 19, 2005  

Anyone who has been an orthodox Catholic for more than three days (baptized infants excepted) knows that there will be a lot of people upset by our new Pope Benedic XVI. It only shows that they Holy Spirit will work as he will regardless of who doesn’t like it.

However, since we still have to share this world with people who don’t like it, we might as well, amuse ourselves as Fr. Sibley has. Some of the posts are downright hilarious, like the guy who said that the Church would breathe a sigh of relief that Cardinal Ratzinger isn’t elected Pope.

The best came from Fr. Richard McBrien, no doubt before the results were in, regarding the homily of Cardinal Ratzinger prior to the conclave:

If Cardinal Ratzinger were really campaigning for pope, he would have given a far more conciliatory homily designed to appeal to the moderates as well as to the hard-liners among the cardinals. I think this homily shows he realizes he’s not going to be elected. He’s too much of a polarizing figure.

Long live Benedict XVI!!!!

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