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  /   Saturday, February 25, 2006   /   Comments(0)

After a long time of hard work and procrastination, mostly procrastination, I have finally finished my newly renovated web page. Please note that you need to enter just the domain to get to this site. At present, the old pages are still there, and if you reference “index.php,” it will take you to the old page.

For the easiest results, just use this link.

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Off Work

  /   Thursday, February 23, 2006   /   Comments(0)

I took today and tomorrow off work because I maxed out my vacation time and can’t accrue any more. This is what I get for not taking days off. I guess since I’m not the most creative at finding vacation things to do, I just haven’t used my time. Then again, I have some ideas for July. I want to go on retreat with the Sister Servants, and, of course, go back to Steubenville. The J.C. Williams Center was under renovation last time I was there, so I want to see how it looks now.

Anyway, I’m working to revise my main page to make it look better. Sometimes the CSS that I’m using isn’t as cooperative as I’d like, but I managed to put something together that is much better than what is there now. I hope to have it ready by this weekend. I’m also reviewing the links, adding new ones, and getting rid of some that really shouldn’t be there any more.

I also found this debut album by a Catholic band named GSP. It’s available on MP3, so I downloaded several songs. So far, the Prayer of St. Augustine and True Presence songs are my favorites.

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Population Explosion

  /   Monday, February 20, 2006   /   Comments(0)

I’ve heard plenty of people say that the human population is growing to an extent that the planet may not be able to support it. It all started in my freshman biology class at Ole Miss (aka University of Mississippi). Well, here’s a perspective on what is really going on. This time bomb has been predicted for years, and it has never gone off. It probably won’t. I know this doesn’t contain a full argument, but it’s a good starting point.

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Bill of Rights

  /   Tuesday, February 14, 2006   /   Comments(0)

I looked at this bill of rights from DigitalConsumer.org. I must say that I agree with it. A lot of the stuff that I buy is not available in the format that I want to use it from. I never steal anything and never casually copy anything either.

I do wish that I could just buy the format I wanted. I once sent a message to St. Joseph Communications about making downloadable audio available, but they did not respond at all. Then again, I’m starting to like Ascension Press a bit better anyway. They have fewer resources, but the quality is a bit better. Maybe I should contact them.

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Let Us Pray

  /   Sunday, February 05, 2006   /   Comments(0)

I’ve been a bit lazy with my prayer life lately. Trying to find something to use as a kneeler in my apartment just wasn’t working, and I could only hold my lazy self up for so long. So, I saw an ad in the West Tennessee Catholic for a solid oak prayer kneeler by someone whom I knew was local. He happened to have one left that was already made, and I managed to get there to buy it. It is a very solid, attractive kneeler. It’s a better design that some things that I’ve seen that are more expensive. If you are in the area and get the West Tennessee Catholic, the ad for the Nazareth Shoppe is in this week’s edition.

While I was at it, I was reminded that the Catholic Church in Memphis was really a small world. It turns out that this man and his family had seen me in church before a number of times, but we had never introduced ourselves to each other. It goes to show that if you hang around the church and adoration chapels in this city, people will know your face.

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Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Year (to date at least)

  /   Saturday, February 04, 2006   /   Comments(0)

I just got a message about an article that a man has filed a class-action suit against Apple Computers because of hearing loss caused by an iPod. Could someone please tell this man that the iPod has a volume control? Granted, maybe he’s having trouble finding it because it isn’t a dedicated control, but the darn thing does come with an instruction manual. Mine did.

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