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  /   Thursday February 23, 2006  

I took today and tomorrow off work because I maxed out my vacation time and can’t accrue any more. This is what I get for not taking days off. I guess since I’m not the most creative at finding vacation things to do, I just haven’t used my time. Then again, I have some ideas for July. I want to go on retreat with the Sister Servants, and, of course, go back to Steubenville. The J.C. Williams Center was under renovation last time I was there, so I want to see how it looks now.

Anyway, I’m working to revise my main page to make it look better. Sometimes the CSS that I’m using isn’t as cooperative as I’d like, but I managed to put something together that is much better than what is there now. I hope to have it ready by this weekend. I’m also reviewing the links, adding new ones, and getting rid of some that really shouldn’t be there any more.

I also found this debut album by a Catholic band named GSP. It’s available on MP3, so I downloaded several songs. So far, the Prayer of St. Augustine and True Presence songs are my favorites.

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