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The New iPad

  /   Saturday, March 31, 2012   /   Comments(0)

I’ve read a quite a few articles about the new iPad.  Today, I got to test one in the store right next to an iPad 2.  Yes, I can tell a little more pixelation on the iPad 2 screen, but, really, I don’t see that big of a difference in the new Retina display.  Now, I must say that iBooks wasn’t loaded on the device for me to try reading a book, but I did look at text on a web page.  It’s not that the new iPad isn’t better, it just isn’t anything that really stood out.

I’m sure by next year my first-generation iPad won’t run a lot of what I’d like it to run.  So, by then I may be in the market for the next iPad.  For now, the original iPad is still working great.

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