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Baptism and Conversion

  /   Tuesday, October 18, 2005   /   Comments(0)

I have been playing with my new video software, and I now have a Flash video version of my baptism. On that same page, you can get the MP3 of the conversion story I told to the RCIA. It’s rather abbreviated due to time constraints, but it gives some information as to what led me to become Catholic and then to become stronger in my faith.

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Straight from Vatican II

  /   Monday, October 17, 2005   /   Comments(0)

I have been reading Dr. Alan Schreck’s excellent book Vatican II: The Crisis and the Promise which tells a lot about what Vatican II really said. While reading it, I found this quote from Gaudium et Spes (expanded from the quote in his book):

This split between the faith which many profess and their daily lives deserves to be counted among the more serious errors of our age. Long since, the Prophets of the Old Testament fought vehemently against this scandal and even more so did Jesus Christ Himself in the New Testament threaten it with grave punishments. Therefore, let there be no false opposition between professional and social activities on the one part, and religious life on the other. The Christian who neglects his temporal duties, neglects his duties toward his neighbor and even God, and jeopardizes his eternal salvation. (Article 43)

So, if you hear any politician or corporate executive tell you that their “religion” is separate from public or professional life, they are in error. However, I think it’s also good for us to take a good look within. I would hope that I would not deliberately say that anything I do at work or during leisure time “had nothing to do with religion” or some other nonsense phrase. However, every time I do something in my work that doesn’t set a good Christian example, I am doing something quite similar to that.

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School of the Americas

  /   Wednesday, October 12, 2005   /   Comments(0)

Every once in a while I hear about protesters wanting the School of the Americas to be closed. Supposedly, it is being used to train terroists in Central and South America. Here is a blog posting questioning whether this is really true.

Granted, Diogenes isn’t the most charitable writer. I’d like to see him spend a little less time trying to dig up dirt. However, I must admit that I have never seen an advocate for closing the School of the Americas present any evidence of what they claim is going on. This doesn’t mean there isn’t any; it’s just that I haven’t been advised of it. One rule that I play by is not to assist in causes in which there is little factual information. If the school is truly trying to help preserve democracy, then I don’t care to advocate closing it.

Further, if some graduates of the school have terrorized the people, does this justify closing the school? We can’t close every school that has graduates that don’t become model citizens. It’s only if this school is either intended to promote terrorism or if the school does this a significant part of the time that I would advocate closing it. If anyone has any information, please write me or comment.

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Isrealites vs. Modern Times

  /   Tuesday, October 11, 2005   /   Comments(0)

As I’ve said before, I’m an RCIA team member. In one of the talks, the catechist brought out how the Isrealites were looking for a military Messiah who would “kick Rome’s butt” and restore Isreal as an independent nation. However, God wanted so much more. He sent his own son to free us from the ultimate slavery – sin.

I think of this as I have recently heard a talk on liberation theology. I’m not about to mention who this was as I have no desire to slam them. Despite knowing that I’m quite different from them, the people sponsoring this have been quite respectful towards me. Anyway, the speaker talked about what he perceived as insensitivities of the hierarchy towards the people of Latin America. He said that the Church needs to start meeting people’s “real needs.” Given his topic, I can’t help but think that he is talking about material aid.

Well, methinks there is a parallel between the liberation theologians and ancient Isreal. They both want freedom from their earthly “bondage.” However, God wants so much more. He wants to free us from sin and bring us to eternal life.

Please don’t get me wrong. I believe that a very important part of showing the love of Christ is to help meet people’s material needs. However, we need not pit this against meeting their eternal needs.

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Great Commercial

  /   Tuesday, October 04, 2005   /   Comments(0)

Some of you may have heard of a service called Mobi TV. It lets you watch TV on your cell phone through your provider’s Internet connection. I must admit that I find this to be a bit excessive, but the commercial is pretty funny.

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Life Chain

  /   Sunday, October 02, 2005   /   Comments(0)

Today, I held a sign on a busy intersection saying “Pray to End Abortion.” I do this every year because I just can’t imagine not doing it. Abortion is truly the greatest evil that we face in our nation. I have no idea how anyone can think it is justifiable.

We had a few people open their window to yell “Pro-choice!” It happens every year. Another yelled out “Jesus aborted babies!” I must admit that I find it hard to laugh at the way they are presenting themselves, but it truly is sad. The latter statement seems blasphemous to me.

Yet the saddest reaction in my mind is the one that I believe that I see most often. That reaction is one of indifference. How can anyone not care that women are being deceived, and their children are being killed in their wombs? Let us pray for these people. Let us pray to end abortion.

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