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  /   Sunday October 02, 2005  

Today, I held a sign on a busy intersection saying “Pray to End Abortion.” I do this every year because I just can’t imagine not doing it. Abortion is truly the greatest evil that we face in our nation. I have no idea how anyone can think it is justifiable.

We had a few people open their window to yell “Pro-choice!” It happens every year. Another yelled out “Jesus aborted babies!” I must admit that I find it hard to laugh at the way they are presenting themselves, but it truly is sad. The latter statement seems blasphemous to me.

Yet the saddest reaction in my mind is the one that I believe that I see most often. That reaction is one of indifference. How can anyone not care that women are being deceived, and their children are being killed in their wombs? Let us pray for these people. Let us pray to end abortion.

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