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One More Podcast

  /   Friday, December 22, 2006   /   Comments(0)

For your entertainment, I prepared a short podcast that will appear on the site at midnight on Christmas Eve if everything works. It’s already uploaded, and if you know me, you can probably guess what I wanted to talk about. Enjoy!

For those of you who may not be able to return to the site in time, have a Merry Christmas!

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Classic Games

  /   Monday, December 18, 2006   /   Comments(0)

I’m a sucker for arcade or other retro classics. The first time I saw that they had the Sega Genesis collection for Playstation Portable, I didn’t buy it. Once I found out what was in it, I wanted it. They not only have some very good games like Golden Axe and Altered Beast, but there were old arcade games from the early 1980’s available. Unfortunately, you had to “unlock” them, which really annoys me. Well, they had, of all things, Congo Bongo. I thought I’d never see that game again!

I used to play that game at Showbiz Pizza. Basically, a gorilla set your foot on fire while you were sleeping, and you are out to go get him. The part I found to be funny was that, every time the guy died, you could see him go up to Heaven.

Now, if only they would release Venture, Pengo, and Pepper II (was there a Pepper I?). I also would like Moon Patrol and Berserk. C’mon guys, please keep putting them out there for me. I want them all!

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Conventional Literary Device

  /   Wednesday, December 06, 2006   /   Comments(0)

This picture/comic reminds me of the homily I heard at Mass today. I missed the 6:15 AM, so I went to the parish that would be my geographical parish during my lunch break. After the reading of the multiplication of the loaves and the fishes, we were dutifully reminded that everyone probably had food stuffed in their pockets that they started sharing.

Granted, this priest was more respectful than the last one who gave this same homily. The last one gave a “you idiots don’t get it” type talk. This priest said that this whole caring and sharing thing is what “theologians have speculated” may be “part of the miracle.” Maybe this is progress.

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