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The Four Last Things in RCIA

  /   Sunday, March 31, 2019   /   Comments(0)

Last Monday, once again I got to speak to the RCIA.  This time the talk was about the Four Last Things – death, judgment, Heaven, and Hell.  I also included Purgatory even though it technically isn’t one of the last things because it won’t exist for all eternity.  I have been wanting to get to do this one for years and finally got the chance!

This time, I tried to record the live talk, but some of it was lost due to a technical difficulty.  I re-recorded that part and included it in its place in the link below.

Click here to download the talk in MP3 format.

Click here to download the handout in PDF format.

In an effort to make some extra resources easier to access, here are clickable links to the resources mentioned in the handout (and a couple that aren’t there):

Let Us Make Good Use of Time – this is the opening meditation we used before the talk

Grace: What It Is and What It Does

CDF document on burial and cremation

Recommended book – A Map of Life by Frank Sheed (not just about the Four Last Things, but an excellent book)

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