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What’s the Big Deal?

  /   Sunday, December 30, 2007   /   Comments(0)

Ok, so I’m a little late here. I debated whether to bother to post this. It’s hard for me to find time to update the blog these days. I did receive a bit from well-meaning people during December that could be construed as saying that it’s no big deal if people in the corporate world are out there saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas.” I want to address this here.

I’d have to agree that, if someone spends all his/her time writing protest letters about this, they really have gone too far. It’s kind of hard to tell someone to keep Christ in Christmas if we have done nothing but send angry letters. However, too many in the world have forgotten an essential truth of our salvation.

Take a look at this excerpt from Frank Sheed’s A Map of Life. I highly recommend this book. I got something more out of reading this article that I didn’t get on reading the book years ago.

Sheed’s writing here gives us an essential point of our faith. Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Our starting point in faith isn’t the deeds we do, though we must do good deeds. We start with Jesus Christ himself. He is not some accessory to our faith, nor is he a matter of our own opinion. Without him, we have no salvation. This even applies to those who may be saved without explicit belief in him.

People who have decided to remove reference to Christ are, first and foremost, missing the very reason why the holiday exists, making celebration ludicrous. It is Jesus Christ himself that we must first and foremost proclaim. We demonstrate his love by our good deeds, but we must also remind people of his importance when he is left out of our celebration.

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