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  /   Wednesday October 12, 2005  

Every once in a while I hear about protesters wanting the School of the Americas to be closed. Supposedly, it is being used to train terroists in Central and South America. Here is a blog posting questioning whether this is really true.

Granted, Diogenes isn’t the most charitable writer. I’d like to see him spend a little less time trying to dig up dirt. However, I must admit that I have never seen an advocate for closing the School of the Americas present any evidence of what they claim is going on. This doesn’t mean there isn’t any; it’s just that I haven’t been advised of it. One rule that I play by is not to assist in causes in which there is little factual information. If the school is truly trying to help preserve democracy, then I don’t care to advocate closing it.

Further, if some graduates of the school have terrorized the people, does this justify closing the school? We can’t close every school that has graduates that don’t become model citizens. It’s only if this school is either intended to promote terrorism or if the school does this a significant part of the time that I would advocate closing it. If anyone has any information, please write me or comment.

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