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  /   Sunday April 17, 2005  

For all of my Catholic life, I have associated the papacy with John Paul II. Although I was born during the reign of Paul VI, I wasn’t old enough to remember him when he died. It’s hard to believe that I could wake up tomorrow and find that we have a new pope. I think it’s unlikely, but it could happen.

The word in the media is that Cardinal Ratzinger will be very influential. If so, we are in good hands. I read not too long ago (I think it’s the article I linked to in the last post.) that Cardinal Ratzinger has his vision of the Church as boldly proclaiming the Gospel, even, if necessary, as a minority group in an increasingly secular world. It is what we badly need.

I hear a lot, and rightly so, that Cardinal Ratzinger would be a dividing force if he or someone like him were to become the next pope. However, in today’s world, we can no longer sit on the fence. We must be with the Church as she is and as she teaches or against her. The reform that is needed is a reform of our lives, not of the teaching of the Church.

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