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Assorted Things in the Conclave

  /   Saturday April 16, 2005  

First, I’d like to say Happy Birthday to Cardinal Ratzinger, who turns 78 today. Despite his advanced age, I hope for him to have many more birthdays. We need more outstanding men like him leading the Church.

Second, here is the list from Catholic World News on men whom they think are likely candidates to succeed John Paul II. My preference list is this:

1. Either Cardinal Ratzinger or Arinze. They are both excellent candidates. I have a bit of partiality to Cardinal Arinze because I’ve heard him speak, but either would be equally good for the Church.

2. Cardinal Pell. This guy isn’t on anyone’s list that I’ve seen, but he’d be a great candidate. Remember that John Paul II was a “dark horse” candidate elected on the second day of the conclave.

3. Cardinal Schönborn; editor of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. I don’t know much more about him, but reliable sources think highly of him.

Then again, maybe they will surprise us with someone who would be just as good. My picks are only as reliable as my knowledge, and I am certain that there are others in the College of Cardinals whom I do not know of who would be an excellent pope.

Third, I’ve been reading media coverage with some disgusted amusement. To be fair, there have been a lot of people who rarely have anything good to say about the Church who have said some good things about the late Holy Father. However, one can see their agenda seep through.

For example, some have suggested that the next pope will be more liberal to balance out John Paul II. Supposedly there is a saying that says “after a fat pope, a thin pope.” However, even if the electors wish to balance out John Paul II, there are probably a number of ways in which it is more likely to be done. Pope John Paul II was a traveling preacher and teacher. He laid groundwork. However, he was not an administrator, nor was he a disciplinarian. Given the disregard of many Catholics (even priests and bishops) for what the Holy Father taught, an administrator and disciplinarian is just what the Church needs.

Another noted line came from the New York Times. I can no longer find the article, but it basically said that his kind, friendly appearance belied his doctrinal stances on moral issues. In other words, taking an unwavering doctrinal stance should necessarily make one crustier than a three-day-old pizza. It’s sad that their reporters and editorial staff will never know that true and lasting joy comes from the very things that John Paul II taught.

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