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Leaving the Church?

  /   Tuesday July 16, 2002  

Yet another excellent article on Catholic Exchange. It seems funny to me that no one has ever asked me what I thought about these scandals. Almost everyone who knows me knows that I am Catholic. I know that what has happened is a very serious evil. Let me say that if every priest, bishop, and even the Pope were a dolt, liar, thief, adulterer, and child abuser, I would not leave the Church. This is far from the case despite what the media would have you think. The Church belongs to Jesus Christ, and she will belong to him regardless of whether the men to whom she is entrusted live according to her teachings.

With that being said, I await having the Final Communique of the meeting with the American cardinals in Rome realized. I don’t agree with the Bishops’ proposal, and I really hope that the Vatican bouces it back like a basketball. However, rather than engage in bishop-bashing, I will pray for bold leadership on their part that will enable them to bring about that reform which the Church most needs. And, by the way, that reform doesn’t include married priests, ordination of women, nor the change of any moral or doctrinal teaching of the Church. I am aware of some groups like “We are Church” or “Call to Action” who want the aforementioned type of reform. I agree that we are the Church, and that reform is needed. However, if I were not to accept any teaching of the Magisterium, I would know that I am the part of the Church who needs to reform.

Ok, I’m through now.

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