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Sin and Repentance

  /   Monday July 22, 2002  

No matter what the sin, let us remember that there is more joy in Heaven over a repentance sinner than over thousands who have no need of repentance. I came across this story of repentance just a little while ago. This priest has sought early retirement and now leads a life of prayer and penance. Let us hope that more priests who have done these things will follow suit.

I’m aware that some people may react with statements such as “Don’t you know what he did?” or “How can you talk about God forgiving him?” The problem is that we minimize the horrible nature of sin because we know that God forgives sin. It’s as though God just shrugs his shoulders and says “Well, that’s okay.” every time we sin. Well, it’s not okay!! Jesus died on the cross because of sin. This type of thinking can cause real problems when we or someone else does something that we cannot deny the sinfulness of. At this point, we may also deny God’s forgiveness because of how bad we messed up. God’s forgiveness is not given to us because our sin is no big deal but because of the greatness of his love for us. Even child abusers can be forgiven by God. This doesn’t mean that they are suited to return to ministry, but it does mean that they can still reach Heaven.

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