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  /   Monday August 05, 2002  

Take a look at Amy Welborn’s excellent article on her web site. Little saddens me more than our society’s loss of belief in truth. The truth matters so much to me, and I’m often at a loss to understand (or communicate with) those who don’t seem to view it as a matter of eternity.

We seem to have lost a healthy realization of the possibility of spending eternity in the smoking section. Yes, hell does exist, and you can go there. I don’t think we should live with an obsessive fear of Hell, but we should have a healthy concern for the health of our souls as well as those of whom we love.

Someone once told me that he couldn’t believe that someone could go to Hell for not believing in Jesus. I think he misunderstands Heaven. Heaven is living in a loving union with God. If one tried to know the true God but unintentionally fails, he/she will likely love the true God upon receiving the true revelation. Such a person can live in Heaven. However, if God reveals to someone who he is, and that person says “No, God, I’m going to believe [insert something else here],” then he/she has rejected God and cannot live in union with him.

Another problem is that few realize the loving revelation that God made of himself in Jesus Christ. Although it is true that we can’t know everything about God, this doesn’t mean that we can’t know anything. Because God loves us, he wants us to know him. If we love God and our neighbor, we will want our neighbor to know God.

I pray that a spirit of evangelization and missionary zeal will rain down upon all who hold the Catholic faith.

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