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Purgatory After Judgement Day

  /   Thursday August 08, 2002  

I see that Catholic Exchange has enlisted the excellent resource of Catholics United for the Faith. I’m a member of the organization myself. Check out these viewer letters to find some gems, especially concerning the existence of purgatory after Judgement Day (meaning the General Judgement at the end of the world). It seems to imply that somehow everyone will be completely purified, but we don’t know exactly how.

St. Joseph’s Communications has produced a new CD set by Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea that offers a somewhat different perspective. It’s called The Final Journey, and it’s available on compact disc or cassette. Fr. Relyea seems to think that there will be an immediate purification on Judgement Day, the severity of which will be in accordance with one’s need. A word of caution about this series: Much of the material presented relies on revelations of saints (which are not necessarily dogma), and is therefore not for the faint of heart. Fr. Relyea is especially graphic in his description of Hell.

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