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Unwitting Compliments

  /   Saturday August 10, 2002  

Here I am with another random rant . . . .

Sometimes I think that the very people who are trying to detract from the Church are actually saying exactly what we want them to say about the Church. They mean their comments as an argument against us, but really, they’ve told us that we are accomplishing our mission.

Back when Evangelium Vitae was written, I remember one detractor saying something to the effect of “The Pope is out of step with the modern world.” Think about this for a moment, and you might realize that this is really a compliment. I don’t know about you, but I sincerely hope that the Holy Father is way out of step with the Culture of Death that is rampant in the “modern world.” To be in step with this “modern world” is to march to the beat of Satan’s drum straight down the Road to Hell.

Another great line is that the teaching of the Magisterium is “far from the way people really live.” Did it ever occur to the authors of such statements that the teaching may be correct and “the way people really live” be wrong? If I am committing serious sin, then I would hope that the preaching of all of the ordained would be totally opposed to the way that I’m living. Given the fact that serious sins such as fornication and contraception have widespread acceptance in society, I hope that the teaching of the Magisterium is a long way from how people live.

With that being said, please pray for the souls of the people who write these things. I don’t remember who they are, but God does.

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