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RU-486 Recall Petition

  /   Thursday August 22, 2002  

Three groups have file a citizen’s petition with the FDA requesting the recall of RU-486 on grounds that it is unsafe. Truthfully, someone dies every time this drug is used, so of course it is unsafe! I truly wish that this satanic concoction would be relegated to the Lake of Fire where it belongs before it takes a lot of lives and ruins a lot of souls.

The most sickening part of this entire RU-486 fiasco is that the drug was approved by an accelerated development and review process. This process allows needed drugs to be approved based on a “surrogate endpoint” (e.g. laboratory findings) instead of actually waiting for mobidity and mortality data. For example, several drugs to treat HIV were approved more quickly so that people didn’t die waiting for them to become available. They were needed medications for a life-threatening illness. I can hardly fathom such an urgent need for RU-486. The good news about it having been approved by accelerated development and review is that the drug still has to get full approval. Until that point, it can be more easily withdrawn from the market.

Although I’m not holding my breath for FDA action any more than for a dividend check from Enron, perhaps with prayer this evil can be defeated.

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