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I Guess I Really Need to Come Up With My Own Stuff

  /   Tuesday August 27, 2002  

Ok, from the title you might think that I’m about to complain about what others have done. Quite the contrary. It’s just that I’ve spent time these past couple of days reading others’ stuff and passing it along rather than writing my own rants. Here’s what I’ve read today on Catholic Exchange:

I missed this book review by Amy Welborn on The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Catholicism the first time around. I’m glad I found the link. She confirmed what I thought about the book when I perused it in a local bookstore. The book used my favorite pet peeve of a statement that goes something like “Don’t get too caught up in the rules; it’s love that matters. It also said that Vatican II allowed you to dissent from Church teachings among other things. I’ve only had one RCIA meeting this year, and I’ve already told people to avoid this book because it contains false teaching. Now I have a resource to use.

Onward to this Dear Grace column on self-communication. I like how she mentions that communion is not taken, but received. Christ is the initiator of the giving of the gifts of grace, not us. I am often blind to this fact and act as though everything depended on me.

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