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  /   Sunday September 08, 2002  

There’s a great article on Catholic Exchange about Modernism. The article seems to suggest that modernism isn’t as widespread as it used to be, but I seem to be able to find traces of it around. I’ve heard my share of people who seem to think that dogma is a contraint rather than a light.

Ironically, it’s dogma that gives us the ability to grow in our knowledge of the Lord. If every generation has to erase and start over, then no one will get very far. Having the centuries of Tradition to build upon ensures that growth is possible.

Furthermore, most people know that it is ridiculous to say that believing the law of gravity restricts our ability to grow in science. Gravity is there whether we believe it or not. Science that doesn’t take it into account is junk science. The same is true for dogma. It is true regardless of our belief. A defined belief is a dogma is no more restrictive than our belief in gravity.

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