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September 11

  /   Wednesday September 11, 2002  

Today is the anniversary of the worst evil that I’ve seen in my lifetime. I was in the gym of my apartment complex when I saw it on the television. It changed my workplace that day as we couldn’t ship our drug due to the cancellation of flights. However, this was extremely trival compared to what the people of New York experienced.

What caused this? I do not know. Many, whether intentionaly or not, have used the disaster to further their ideas. They told us that this was caused by anything from “American intolerance” to “American tolerance for [insert evil here] that caused us to lose God’s protective hand.”

How did this affect people’s faith? I don’t know this either. There was a surge in attendance at the noon Mass in my church that day. There was a lot of emotion, but I’m afraid that once the emotion wore off, many people returned to their former lives. However, if even one soul was saved because of this, then God brought a great good out of a terrible evil.

All I can offer now is prayer and penance. Pray for the victims and their familes. Pray and do penance for the terrorists, for the conversion of the living and the souls of the dead. Christian charity requires that we desire no one’s damnation. Pray for all travelers for their safety.

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