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A Tough Week

  /   Sunday September 22, 2002  

As I’ve said, it’s going to be light, if any, blogging next week. I had a tough week last week and expect next week to be the same. I had long work hours during a week that ended with the death of an uncle of mine. I’ll be missing the funeral, but I plan to visit my family next weekend. My work is taking a lot out of me, but I’m enjoying this. I’m in charge of my end of the operation, and I’m slowly learning how to be in charge. Lucky for me, I’ve been sent there with two excellent people who also have an awesome sense of humor.

I was grateful to the Lord that my uncle was able to be baptized a few weeks before dying. The Lord gave me the grace to call him and suggest it. I hope it did the trick, but I have a feeling it did. It may seem unfair to some that it takes what may seem like so little to save him, but we could never save ourselves anyway. It’s all grace. He died young, but perhaps this was for the good of his soul. As hard as it is to take, it will be for the best if he is enjoying eternal life with the Lord.

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