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The Catholic Answers That I Needed

  /   Saturday October 05, 2002  

A day or two ago, I received my October 2002 issue of This Rock magazine from Catholic Answers. I’m a big fan of Catholic Answers, and this has got to be the best issue that I have seen. It’s like God intervened with the staff just for me.

The articles include such things as why being faithful isn’t the same as being rigid. The author was once told that he was seeing everything as black and white because he insisted on following the Church’s teaching. I’ve had a similar experience though not by a priest. While it’s true that not everything is black and white, it isn’t true to say that nothing is black and white.

There’s an open letter by Rosalind Moss on the document issues by the U.S. Bishops’ committee on evangelization of Jews (or lack thereof). There’s also a refutation of a Jack T. Chick tract. David Mills also writes about the Holy Spirit using the “rules” of faith to domesticate us. Turn to the question and answer section, and you’ll get an excellent treatment of the question of whether or not athiests can go to Heaven.

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