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  /   Monday October 21, 2002  

I happen to share the same viewpoint as Emily Stimpson regarding young priests. The ones whom I know are a sign of hope not just because of their youth. They are a sign of hope because of their reverence and desire to serve. It’s a sign that next-generation Catholics will not have to put up with pass-the-marijuana Masses that have likely been the cause of the perennial question “Why do I have to go to Mass?”

The younger priests that I have met are almost all orthodox, and they are also very cordial people (so much for the image of the dried-up, emotionally-repressed, grouch who is unhappy because he’s forced against his will to teach these “oppressive” Church teachings). Their Masses are said according to the rubrics and with a great devotion to the Holy Eucharist. All of this amounts to a sign that God will raise up holy men in the times that we are living in.

NOTE: This post is not intended as a slam on older priests. It’s only meant to highlight the great devotion I’ve seen in the younger priests I know.

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