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Respectful Silence

  /   Saturday October 26, 2002  

Often I go to either my church or a nearby church hoping for a quiet place to pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out. It seems that lately, both in Nashville and Memphis, I’ve gone to pray only to have someone’s really long conversation in the background. Now, I’m not against greeting my brother or sister in the Lord, even in the church building. However, the church is no place for long conversations.

If you start talking to someone in church and realize that you are about to have an extended conversation, please remember that there may be someone nearby who really needs to pray. Ask the person to whom you are talking if you can go outside or out into the narthex. It is most uncharitable to disturb someone’s prayers. I know I’ve been guilty of it too. I guess we all just need to be assertive and say “Let’s go out here so that people can pray.”

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