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The Halo is Really Busted

  /   Tuesday October 29, 2002  

I think I know why the site is named “Busted Halo.” First, they kicked Gregory Popcak off the discussion board for “questioning someone’s orthodoxy.” I found this link to a discussion board on the HMS blog.

The saddest part was this comment, made by a priest (sadly):

I would add that one could argue that to say the Church cannot ever ordain women as priests is declaring that the power of the Holy Spirit is limited.

Hmmmm . . . . or maybe the Holy Spirit simply chooses to maintain the constant teaching of the Church. Wouldn’t it be limiting the power of the Holy Spirit to say that he couldn’t declare that the reservation of Holy Orders to men alone would be the teaching for all time and eternity? Maybe, just maybe part of the beauty of the work of the Holy Spirit is that the Church stands as a sign of God’s constant presence in an ever-changing world.

This same priest goes on to say in another post:

Nor do I find it contradictory that the Pope guided by the Holy Spirit declares one thing while the same Spirit may nudge others to a different understanding.

Ok . . . . so the Holy Spirit contradicts himself. So much for the God who is truth itself who cannot deceive nor be deceived. We need to pray for these people on this site and for this priest. A later post reveals the problem of the site, and this by one who isn’t even Catholic:

The Busted Halo staff seem to mean well and are trying to create a seeker friendly space here – unfortunately by disallowing clarity when expressing the conformity of an idea to Catholic doctrine they are on the threshold of creating a totalitarian environment where all truths are tolerated except the teaching of their own Church.

For best results, read that entire post. I’m thinking about getting on that site and posting a few things. Maybe I’d better wait until I get done with this traveling project. On the other hand, I’d probably get kicked off pretty quickly.

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