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  /   Saturday November 02, 2002  

I’ve just built my first PHP script. I’m so excited. I haven’t done any good computer coding in a long time. I decided that I might be able to cut down on the spam that I get by hiding my e-mail address. It now appears (or should appear) nowhere in this page.

So how do you e-mail me? Very simple . . . .

Just go to this web form and fill it out. This is what the script does.

You can also find this link where it says “E-mail David Ancell” on the side of this page, or you can click my name on any blog entry. Say, does anyone think I ought to provide a link that says “E-mail me” at the bottom of each entry? I can’t decide if I like to have my name be the e-mail link or to have a separate link.

This e-mail form is a page on my web page, and it can also be accessed from there.

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