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Conservative and Liberal

  /   Monday November 04, 2002  

Another random rant for you . . .

I’ve often heard the terms “Conservative” and “Liberal” applied to the ideologies of different Catholics. Personally, I find the terms confusing. Here’s why.

1. When we say someone is “Conservative,” are we saying this in reference to politics or theology. For example, a conservative politician is likely to support the death penalty. This is not necessarily true of a theological conservative in the Catholic Church.

2. Some people who are in many ways politically liberal may be theologically orthodox (the term I prefer). I once mentioned that someone I knew was “orthodox,” and someone said “You mean conservative.” Someone may be a conservative or liberal but first a Catholic.

3. Some conservatives are not orthodox either. Take a schismatic organization like the Society of St. Pius X, for example.

4. Sometimes the terms are used as though there are two positions on an issue that are both compatible with the Catholic faith. In some issues that may be true, but there are doctrinally settled issues. In this case (e.g. abortion) to hold a differing view would be going against the faith.

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