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  /   Saturday November 09, 2002  

I’m just about over the food poisoning, but when I read stuff like this, I start to get sick again. A judge refuses to instruct the jury that lethal force can be used in defense of a woman’s unborn children because the unborn children are not able to survive outside the womb. His final take, according to the article was “That’s my theory.” Well, I wonder why the moral relativists weren’t screaming “Don’t impose your theory on other people.” Or were they?

The article goes on to talk about court cases where convictions resulted from people commiting acts of violence against an unborn child. This one really takes the cake:

A Baltimore court in effect took custody of a fetus by placing a pregnant drug abuser under court jurisdiction to prevent her from jeopardizing the health of her fetus – unless she exercised her right to kill it by abortion.

Of course, our Culture of Death has a lot of problems. They likely don’t give the south end of a north bound rat as to whether they are ethically consistent. The personhood of an unborn child is based on little other than whether or not the woman wishes to abort. The judge’s decision in the aforementioned Baltimore case may have been an economic one; it costs money to care for children injured by drug use by the mother. We who are pro-life will not win by pointing out inconsistencies but, by the grace of God, bringing about a respect for human life.

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