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Rebuilding Trust

  /   Monday November 18, 2002  

As this article states, the bishops of our country are far from rebuilding trust in them. Of course, it will take time. However, some real displays of contrition and penitence wouldn’t hurt.

However, I do think that they are between a rock and a hard place in one aspect. Many (though not all, probably not even most) of the same people who expect them to crack down on abusers expect them to loosen up the Church’s teaching on sexual morality. One would think that sooner or later they might see the link.

Take a look at the irony in this article by the Detroit Free Press. It mentions both the plenary concil proposal and the plight of homosexual activists in the Church and seems sympathetic to those calling for more “compassion” for homosexuals. Well, nevermind that the recent scandals are largely a problem with active homosexuality.

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