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More Action by the Democrats

  /   Saturday November 23, 2002  

You may remember this post where I ranted about how the only “Catholic” link the Democrats had on their site for some time was “Catholics” for a Free Choice.

Look at the site now, and you’ll see that they’ve revised their links a bit. Now, instead of Catholic links, they have “Religious Affiliated” links. Of course, “Catholics” for a Free Choice can be found there, along with Call to Action and America Magazine. To be fair, they also link to Catholic USA, which isn’t a bad site. However, upon closer observation, you will find that the link to “Catholics” for a Free Choice appears not just once in the site, but THREE TIMES!! It appears also under “Pro-Choice” and “Women.”

I find this just as repugnant as it was before. The Devil is still hard at his endless tricks.

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