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  /   Wednesday December 11, 2002  

I am sure that there is no shortage of posts like this one regarding Cardinal Law.

On the other hand here is an alternate perspective.

I, for one, knoweth not what to make of the matter. I guess my first thought is that, since I have no say whatsoever in whether Cardinal Law stays or goes, it is just as well that I keep my mouth shut. As I have said before, I can see it either way. I will let those who can do so decide. They may make what turns out to be the wrong decision, maybe greviously wrong, but who among us hasn’t made decisions we regretted?

I don’t say this because I think we have an outstanding group of bishops here in the United States. I don’t think we do. I really don’t know why someone doesn’t do something about the non-proclamation of the Catholic faith that has persisted longer than I have been on this planet. Indeed, I lament that I do not have the spiritual life that I could have if good formation, helping me to live as a Christian in the world, could be found.

However, this formation hasn’t been available because of the indifference often shown to things that do not convey the Catholic faith. See below for examples:

In my home diocese of Springfield-Cape Girardeau, Missouri, the newspaper of the diocesean newspaper regularly featured columns by Fr. Andrew Greeley, as well as sympathetic news stories about such things as “revisionist” scholars (e.g. do not believe in the Resurrection of Our Lord).

I remember a bishop gathering information from us while I was in college for a “pastoral letter” regarding young adult ministry. I have never seen any tangible results from that letter.

Memphis is much better than the other places I have been. However, the diocese did mandate all parishes participate in this extremely lame Disciples in Mission program that was supposed to teach us to evangelize. Not only was the program doctrinally empty, but it dodged important issues in the Scripture readings that the program covered.

What I would really like is to be able to show respect to our bishops. Whether I like them or not, they are our shepherds. One of them used to be my pastor, and I do respect him quite a bit. I have tried to avoid bishop-bashing on this blog. What good does it do anyone? The bishops ain’t gonna read it. Even if they did, how likely are they to listen to someone who cannot speak their names without the use of profanity? If they won’t listen to respectful, well-reasoned comments, then they are hard of heart.

On the other hand, some bishops are doing things that are just outrageous. I can’t condemn those who react so strongly. Many of them live right in the areas where exist the center of the problem. I am far away from the worst of it.

May I offer some final advice: Spend at least twice as much time praying for our bishops as you do slamming them. Do it either because they need the prayer, or because you know darn well that it is going to take divine intervention to get us out of this mess.

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