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The Deity Named “Majority”

  /   Thursday December 19, 2002  

I just love this Catholic Exchange article by Mary Beth Bonacci. She decries the “most people” standard of determining right and wrong. In our democratic society, we may be easily swayed into thinking that what “most people” think is always right. I’ve heard this in situations at work where someone will say “the majority of the team thinks . . . ” as though our workplace were a democracy.

Often times, however, what we try to pass as what “most people” believe is really what we believe. In other words, we assume that “most people” agree with us. In this case, we are only trying to justify our own belief.

In my case, I know that “most people” don’t agree with a lot of things I believe. I wouldn’t even go so far as to say that “most Catholics” agree with the Magisterium. I think they don’t. However, God is a far greater majority than any number of people.

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