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  /   Sunday December 29, 2002  

I went to the 4:30 PM vigil Mass, and I saw a most disturbing sight . . . .

There was a woman who appeared to be middle-aged in front of me along with two girls who could be her daughters. They were talking to each other intermittently throughout the Mass. It was especially bad during the Liturgy of the Word. I’ll grant them that the music that the Responsorial Psalm was set to is probably featured in fine elevators everywhere, but I just can’t stand to see people carrying on conversations during Mass.

I don’t want to go to Mass to criticize those around me. Unfortunately, I’m highly distractable, and I’m sure the Devil had fun with me on this one. How can I respond? Do I just offer it up? I did pray for them. Do I talk to them? Do I approach them after Mass and say “Hey! I think you need to go to another Mass because you didn’t hear this one!”

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