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I Could Not Pass It Up

  /   Sunday December 29, 2002  

I was at the local Circuit City last night, and I found this little gem for my Playstation 2. It is the Activision Anthology. It’s a DVD with 45 old Activision games for Atari, complete with a 1980’s pop soundtrack that is just awesome. If you score a certain number of points in the game, it gives you the right to view the commercial for the game when it first came out.

Although the games are too simplistic to be sold as stand-alone games today, they are more challenging than a Nashville parking lot. I had all kinds of fun playing the games of my childhood. These games have been released before for personal computers, but I prefer to use my Playstation 2. Besides, many of the games had never been released in an anthology before. There are even two games that were previously unreleased.

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