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Made It Through the Wedding

  /   Saturday January 04, 2003  

Well, the wedding is over, and the reception isn’t until 5 PM. I’m back here blogging. To think, I thought there would be light blogging, but that’s most of what I’ve done since I’ve been home. Our family time will be spent at the reception, I guess. All four of us will be there. The bride is from Iraq. She and her family have been our neighbors for about 15 years. She is familiar with our extended family, and my parents, aunt, uncle, cousins, and all living grandparents were there.

My sister was the maid of honor, and I was the lector. The wedding took place in the church that I was baptized in. There was no Mass; the groom and his family are not Catholic. It went great, and I pray that the couple will have a wonderful life together.

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