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  /   Tuesday January 07, 2003  

I have said before that if ou are serious about your faith, you will support that which supports the Church (e.g. read Catholic publications, buy Catholic videos, watch Catholic television). Perhaps some say that they are of poor quality (some are, some aren’t). Well, if more people supported them, then they would be able to afford the technology. For example, St. Joseph Communications had such a demand for their CD products that they were able to invest in higher quality equipment and even cut their prices on CDs.

However, I know some Catholics who go to Mass every Sunday and send their kids to Catholic school if they have any, but they could use more Catholic material in their homes. I have posted several endorsements on my blog to give suggestions, and I’d be happy to talk to anyone who wants my recommendations. I have built a library in my home. We really need to buy and use good Catholic material to fill our minds with the message of the Gospel.

This rant comes after reading this post by Greg Popcak on why the dissidents get more press than the orthodox.

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