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  /   Saturday January 11, 2003  

As soon as I tell you I have no thoughts, I think of some.

Take a look at this page on the University of San Francisco’s web site. Remember that this is supposed to be a Catholic university. However, their recommendations for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections are not different than those of secular universities. They give such great ideas as:

Correctly and consistently use prevention such as condoms or other latex barriers, which the CDC has identified as greatly reducing the risks of STI and HIV transmission.

Use clean needles if injecting intravenous drugs.
(Yeah, that’s what the Church teaches.)

Have regular checkups for STIs even in the absence of symptoms, and especially if having sex with a new partner. These tests can be done during a routine visit to the doctor’s office, or for free at local clinics and testing centers

There’s another one on the site that is too disgusting for me to mention. I find it simply outrageous that a Catholic university would keep a site like this on its web page.

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