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  /   Wednesday January 15, 2003  

If you read the post below, you’ll see that I referenced a post by Greg Popcak to help with a question posted on Busted Halo. Here is my response below:

I’ve just recently entered the board, and I have read through several posts. I have not come to such a conclusion. It’s true that not everything is black and white. There are decisions in which one must follow a well-informed conscience. However, it does not follow that nothing is black and white. Some actions, such as contraception, abortion, murder, adultery (for which definitions can be found in the Catechism and moral theology manuals) are intrinsically evil. These are acts for which no amount of pain should lead us to commit.

It’s true that there are situations that cause us to “twist and turn,” but that is sin that calls for repentance. When we don’t meet the ideal, we don’t decide that it’s just an ideal that doesn’t apply, we go to Confession and resolve to do better next time. If we fail again, we go back to Confession. God doesn’t condone sin; he forgives it.

The situation on the woman who uses contraception because she wishes to continue marital relations though unable to have a child is a difficult one indeed. Abstaining from marital relations, especially in our sex-saturated culture, would be a great sacrifice. However, God can and will provide the grace for doing so. Using contraception would really be a matter of personal comfort rather than a good moral choice. Even if her intentions are to please or stay close to her husband, one cannot do evil so that good may come of it.

NFP can be used with an irregular cycle. If she can’t use NFP, then God will provide the grace for her to abstain as long as needed. It’s a great sacrifice, but it will not go unrewarded in eternity.

In Christ,

There’s a couple of other posts on the forum. Let’s see what the Busted Halo crowd says in response. I’ll need God’s grace to be truthful and charitable in this, so please pray for me.

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